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Christophe Daigle

Composer. Sound Designer. Sound Artist.
Christophe Daigle is a Sound Designer and Music Composer with a microscopic attention to detail in sound. A graduate in Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia University, he has been continuously collaborating with an ever-expanding international network outside of academia. His evolving search for a unique sonic landscape has solidified his place in the realm of fashion, beauty and film. His influences are fused by the natural world, industrial landscapes and cinema. His persistence in the industry has led him to take on numerous projects, including, five studio EP’s and countless original music & sound design compositions for fashion, film and commercial projects. Such works include the collaboration with directors such as Zexi Qi, Logan Rice, Yulia Gorbachenko, & Mario Sorenti, with casting such as Selena Gomez, Noah Strapps (Stranger Things), Cole Sprouse (Riverdale), Syndney Sweeney and Amber Heard, among others.

Image by Jamie Bucciacchio

Christophe Daigle, Portrait-2021.jpg

Original music composed for commercial campaigns, editorials and film

Music, sound and dialogue editing for narrative and commercial work

Sound design crafted at the highest quality, no matter the size of production

Professional studio services such as, Mixing, Mastering and Instrumental Programming

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